Bink's Coke


Binks Beverages

Bink's Coca-Cola was founded as Bink's Wholesale Liquor and Supply Company on October 10, 1903 by Nicholas A. Bink. In December, 1921, the company became The City Bottling Works.

The second generation of ownership was with Nicholas J. Bink, the founder’s son. Bink's Coca-Cola Bottling Company began selling Coca-Cola in 1931 and purchased the Coca-Cola franchise for Delta and Schoolcraft counties in 1936. In 1961, Bink's purchased the franchise to sell Coca-Cola in Dickinson, Iron, and part of Florence, Menominee and Marinette Counties.

Robert N. Bink, the founder’s grandson is the current president of Bink's Coca-Cola. He represents the third generation in the family business. Robert has continued to provide growth to the Coca-Cola business and has maintained the status of being a Coca-Cola Bottler.

Nicholas R. Bink, general manager for Bink's Coca-Cola, is the fourth generation in the business. Nick has continued to provide growth and superior service to Coca-Cola customers. As a father and son venture, Robert and Nick have recently partnered to form Bink's Wines & Beverages. This new Bink enterprise currently services five counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with fine wines from around the world.